Pilates instructor teaching class

Earn a pilates certification and become a pilates instructor to help people find the ultimate balance.

The benefits of including a Pilates regimen in your fitness routine are numerous and well documented. The positioning, stretching, controlled movements and breathing techniques you learn in a Pilates class strengthen core muscles, improve balance and increase flexibility. Pilates can even help relieve stress and promote overall relaxation. If you regularly practice Pilates already, you’re likely fully aware of these benefits; but how can you take your mind-body experience to a whole new level? Consider becoming a certified Pilates instructor.

Pilates has gained popularity in recent years. Classes are typically offered at gyms and fitness spas, and privately owned studios are popping up everywhere. We’re even seeing Pilates being included in the curriculum at schools, community centers and physical rehabilitation facilities, so the career options for a certified Pilates instructor are growing as well.

As the paradigm shifts toward wellness, more and more people are taking an active interest in their overall health. For many people, this not only involves a focus on physical conditioning, but also on the mental and spiritual side of things. This explains the momentum Pilates has gained in recent years. With demand steadily on the rise, there’s never been a better time to become a professional Pilates instructor.

If you’re passionate about the body-mind experience, and you put in the time and effort, you can carve out a satisfying and lucrative career as a Pilates instructor. As in most careers, teaching Pilates isn’t a recipe for overnight wealth, but the more education and credentials you acquire, the higher your earnings will be. Depending on where you work, continuing education opportunities could also be available at little to no cost.

Everyone’s looking to strike that perfect work-life balance, and that becomes easier when your job is your passion. Whether you work at a large wellness spa or private Pilates studio, the relationships you forge with your clients will keep you constantly motivated to be the best Pilates instructor you can be. Whether you’re leading group classes or working one-on-one with clients, nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping people realize their wellness goals.


Pilates Instructor Certification

If you’re dedicated to immersing yourself in the principles of Pilates and you’re interested in teaching Pilates in Westwood, why not earn your pilates certification from the best in the industry? Give us a call at Sheppard Method Pilates and set up an entrance interview with master Pilates instructor and founder, Risa Sheppard.

Our comprehensive Pilates Certification and Teacher Training program will prepare you to educate and motivate every one of your clients at all levels of Pilates reformer and apparatus movement. Equally important, you will develop the intangible skills every Pilates instructor needs to inspire clients on a spiritual level.

If you’re ready to help people achieve a balanced body and mind, consider earning your Pilates certification from Sheppard Method Pilates. Contact us today for more information.