Learn About Pilates’ Benefits to Men at Sheppard Method Pilates

Pilates develops flexibility and strength for all who practice, traditionally known as functional strength training. The exercises in Pilates place a heavy focus on core strength, balance, coordination, and posture. Utilizing mat work and equipment with the primary resistance source of gravity and body weight, this practice changes the way that men can train.

Because many men overtrain certain muscle groups while ignoring or undertraining other areas, Pilates is a perfect addition to traditional training regimens to counteract these imbalances. A practice like Pilates helps to reduce the risk of injury and reduce stress caused by imbalance as well as muscle and joint strain.

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5 Benefits of Pilates to Men

There are numerous benefits of practicing Pilates for both men and women. But for those considering starting a new practice, it may be helpful to learn about key benefits to men who practice. If you are a man adding Pilates to your exercise routine, you can anticipate the following benefits.

  1. Improve flexibility. With increased muscle mass there can be a decline in flexibility, this is often known as being muscle-bound. Decreased flexibility due to increased muscle mass, you can experience muscle strain, injuries, and decreased range of motion. Pilates can help to reverse these risks, increase flexibility, and improve range of motion.
  2. Increase core strength. Core strength is crucial in lumbar support and back strength, which is critical when weightlifting is part of your routine. Pilates’ focus on core strength helps to support an existing abdominal muscle regimen while targeting muscles that typical weight room routines may miss.
  3. Improve focus. Pilates requires you to pay attention and incorporate your breath with movement while utilizing the proper form. This controlled movement and breath teach sustained focus, training the brain along with the body.
  4. Improves posture. Pilates focuses on alignment and strength in the muscle groups that create proper posture. Posture is key in performing all types of exercise safely and effectively. Posture is crucial in preventing back pain and many ailments as we age.
  5. Improves balance. Balance and stability in everyday life are things that many take for granted. With proper alignment and posture, your body mass can be balanced, helping you to feel stable in many situations. Pilates helps to improve balance and stability so that you can move and exercise with confidence and strength.

Incorporate Pilates into Your Exercise Regimen and Reap the Many Benefits

When it comes to fitness, there are endless options and multiple things you can incorporate to create a balanced routine. Pilates can be a wonderful addition to your fitness routine when you need to create balance and target muscles that are not the standard focus of your workouts. At Sheppard Method Pilates, you can learn about the benefits of Pilates to all who practice. Our Westwood Pilates instructors can help you to rebalance the muscles of the body and improve flexibility while strengthening the core with various Pilates exercises.

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