Take Your Pilates to the Next Level

The Pilates Reformer can take your mat Pilates practice to a whole new level, with a platform, springs, pulleys, and carriage to carry you. At Sheppard Method Pilates, our Pilates instructors can help you discover why the Reformer can be part of a Pilates program for any level practitioner. Our instructors offer one-on-one sessions so that you can learn about the Reformer’s benefits without distraction and with personalized guidance.

Learn why the Reformer is a wonderful addition to your Pilates practice at Sheppard Method Pilates in Westwood. Contact us today to discuss how we can change how you move your body using a Reformer.

The Benefits of Reformer Pilates Classes

Practicing Pilates on the Reformer has several benefits, much like your standard mat Pilates class. Pilates has long been known to be an ideal practice for recovery, restoration, growth, and transformation. The unique balance of strength training and body conditioning that Pilates provides improved flexibility, enhanced muscle control, and balanced muscular strength.

Reformer Pilates also offers students:

  • Full-body workouts with balanced and targeted movements
  • Strength and stability training with a focus on the core
  • Custom tailoring with adjustments for all level students
  • Train the body’s full range of motion
  • Movements that encourage the body to heal or recover from injury

Because the Reformer allows you to control the resistance, you can do movements that you may not have been able to otherwise. If you need to modify an exercise, you can use the Reformer to do the exercise without inhibitions on the mat.

The Focus of Pilates and the Reformer

Pilates Reformer classes retain the Pilates focus on the core while increasing the intensity and options for arm and leg exercises, thus targeting the whole body. Pilates allows you to reach an elevated state of both physical and mental awareness.

With the Reformer, you will be made conscious of how even the smallest movement can impact how your body works, and what you need to change to best empower yourself to grow in your practice.

Reformer classes provide low impact, high-intensity challenges for the entire body, with dynamic movements rather than static. The springs and pulleys of the Reformer make even the simplest movements a challenge.

The movements target muscles in a more direct way than the flowing movements on the mat. With less stress on joints, and more variety and resistance, the Reformer allows you to progress beyond how you can on the mat.

Reformer Pilates and Mindfulness

Reformer Pilates is not just good for the body, it also has numerous benefits for the mind. The repetitive, resistance-based movements can help strengthen the mind by:

  • Relieving anxiety and depression
  • Improving memory
  • Releasing endorphins
  • Releasing stress
  • Shifting focus from the mind to the body

Try a Reformer Class at Sheppard Method Pilates

When you are ready to take your Pilates practice to a new level, consider the Reformer classes offered by the Westwood Pilates instructors at Sheppard Method Pilates. Shape your body, release stress from your mind, and increase flexibility with movements on the Reformer.

Contact our team today to schedule a Reformer class and start on your journey to the next level of Pilates. Call now!