As a 46-year veteran of teaching Pilates, I feel I am one of the most, if not one of the best, qualified to speak of its long-lasting rewards. When I first discovered Pilates in 1975, I was a 22-year-old kid fresh out of college.  I was lucky enough to have found the Ron Fletcher School of Body Contrology in Beverly Hills, California. So began my decades-long career teaching the art (and I believe it is an art) of Pilates.

1.    You Take Part in the Growth and Evolution of Others

Over the years, I have seen trends come and go, peaks and valleys, and encountered just about every type of person imaginable. All shapes and sizes, young and old, dancers, movie stars, and just about every type of lifestyle you can think of.  Yet one thing remained and still remains constant: the reward one feels when he or she has helped another human being on the journey of life.

It doesn’t have to be monumental. It can be as simple as leaving a Pilates session feeling better than when you came in. Seeing bodies change and the joy that accompanies it. Helping someone in chronic pain, then seeing that person pain-free. Watching as students transition from a bad mood and into a good one. Watching them feel themselves doing a move that they thought was impossible. (One client even shared that sex with her husband had never been better!) No matter the improvement, knowing you had a hand in their healing feeds the soul.

2.    You Provide a Place of Peace and Comfort

An older and wiser gentleman mentioned many years ago: “Everyone wants to be adopted.”  How true that is? Taken care of in a non-codependent way, of course, but recognizing that everyone wants to feel they are safe, well cared for, and that they are in the perfect place. In fact, I often tell a new or prospective client, as soon as they walk through the door, “Welcome, you’ve come to the right place.” You can immediately see the relief on their faces! Knowing that you are constantly curating a place where individuals can retreat into safety to explore their art form is beyond rewarding.

3.     Your Own Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness is Continuously Fed

On the other side of the coin is what it can do for you, and those benefits also benefit your client. It keeps you in shape, healthy, and looking good forever! (I can still do the moves I did 40 years ago, and I will never stop!)

But not all of it is merely physical rewards. I have found that the mental and emotional well-being of the client has been known to increase drastically, and the same can be said of the Pilates teacher.

The happier and confident teacher can easily pass on her mood to the client.  Even a large class will respond more positively to your instruction if you exude love, fun, and joy. Of course, it’s sometimes difficult to act chirpy if you’ve had a bad day and feel low.

I, for one, have experienced depression. But I’ve found my depression lifts by doing a simple workout. My ability to “be in the moment” and think only of how I execute the moves properly keeps me centered (in mind as well as body). In turn, when I feel great about the place I am existing in, the client feels more alive and darn proud that they are taking charge of their lives in such a positive manner.

We Can Help You Turn that Passion into a Life of Bliss

If you now or in the future decide you would like to embark upon a career in Pilates, consider the multitude of rewards it can and will give you. It’s a magical journey that is constantly evolving. Our Westwood Pilates studio is here to provide a safe, comfortable, and beautiful place for you to find that bliss. Sheppard Method Pilates is committed to bringing out the best in everyone.

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