Ways To Warm Up And Prepare Your Body For Pilates

Like with any other form of physical activity, warming up your body is essential for getting the most out of your Pilates workout. Such methods are relatively simple and involve merely stretching and practicing breathing techniques, but are nonetheless effective in making your body limber and increasing your blood circulation before commencing the actual exercise. At Sheppard Method Pilates, we compiled a list of Pilates studio pointers to keep in mind when warming up before your next session.

Constructing Your Breathing

Breathing may not seem like something you need to consciously focus on, but it is an important aspect in preparing for your Pilates workout. Connecting your breathing with your body movements further augments your experience of the workout, so practicing to control your breath as you move is among the most fundamental ways to warm up. To do this, a process known as imprinting is typically done. In imprinting, a person lies on his or her back and puts the soles of their feet on the ground. While in this position, they will place their hands over their ribs and inhale through the nose, paying attention to the expanding of the stomach. Following this, a person will exhale through his or her mouth and bring their back to the floor. This Pilates studio pointer is a great way to establish a breathing routine to carry out during your session.

Stretching Your Spine

Another useful Pilates studio pointer for warming up is to stretch your back. To achieve this, position yourself on all fours and arch your spine high into the air. As you hold this spot, focus again on your breathing in an effort to connect your movements with your respiration. After making use of this stretch, arch your back in the opposite direction, so that your elbows are bent and your chest is pointed forward. This will once more allow your spine to extend and loosen up prior to the workout.

Warming Up Your Upper Body

Yet another region to focus on in your warmup is your upper body. This includes your shoulders, arms, and neck. Some shrugs can help limber up your shoulders and allow for an increased range of flexibility when you are performing your workout. To warm up your arms, rotate them around in light circles, keeping your elbows straight while doing so. Finish off your upper-body stretches by gently nodding your head back and forth and side to side to make your neck more agile. These Pilates studio pointers may seem easy, but they are extremely beneficial in preparing for the full range of exercises you will be performing.

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Keeping these tips in mind will help you get the most out of your Pilates workout. When preparing for your next session, feel free to expand upon these ideas and find other methods for stretching and increasing your circulation. For more information, contact us at 310-470-2828 or visit our Pilates studio in Westwood.