Your Pilates Instructor Lists Pilates Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

At Sheppard Method Pilates, we have great facilities for you to use when you take part in our Pilates classes – whether it’s a full class, or private Pilates sessions. But, your Pilates instructor also knows just how versatile this kind of exercise really is.

While you might not be able to fit in every move in every situation, there’s a pretty good variety of effective Pilates exercises you can use in almost any location, to make sure you have a healthy, balanced body, wherever you are. Let’s list a few suggestions from an experienced and qualified Pilates instructor.

Back Extensions

One of the simplest Pilates exercises that you can do without the guidance of a Pilates instructor, once you know a little bit about what you’re doing. This exercise is great for working your back muscles and your core, and can go a long way to improving your flexibility.

It also has the added benefit of not needing a Pilates reformer, or even all that much space. If you’re at home, in the park, or at the beach, this is a great, simple exercise to do yourself.

All you need is a fairly even surface. Lie flat on your front, then plan your palms evenly and closely in at your shoulders – around your armpits. Then, use your palms to push yourself up, not letting your elbows flare out.

Unlike with push-ups, here you need to keep the lower part of your body on the ground, so your back gently arches. Then you just lower yourself back down and repeat. As with any Pilates exercise, take it slow and be careful if you’re doing this without a Pilates instructor.


Lunges are a Pilates classic, and effective enough that you see them used throughout all sorts of different kinds of exercise. A great warm-up for runners, lunges will stretch out and strengthen your leg muscles, helping you feel limber and balanced.

On either a flat surface, or with your front foot placed on a low step, step one foot forward, and lower your hips until you have both legs bent at a 90-degree angle. Your front foot should be parallel to that knee, and the knee of the back leg should not touch the ground. Then all you need to do is switch – just make sure you do both legs the same number of times.

Tricep Dips

Just to make things slightly more challenging, we’ll throw in an exercise that relies on a little upper body strength. Tricep dips are still fairly simple and can be done anywhere, but they can do wonders for your arms and your overall ability to stay balanced.

Find a bench or other surface that is at or below waist level and, facing away from it, place your hands on it at a shoulder-width apart. Keep your feet firmly on the ground, your knees at a 90-degree angle, and then lower yourself until your elbows are at 90 degrees too. Lift and lower your body like this, keeping your shoulders low, a number of times.

Sheppard Method Pilates Instructors

These are just three basic examples of some Pilates exercises you can do anywhere. If you want more detailed guidance from a Pilates instructor, you can contact Sheppard Method Pilates today for full or private Pilates classes.