RV Maintenance

RV Maintenance and Care is probably the most important thing you need to know. It’s a big investment – be sure to take care of it. Here’s how.

12 volt system

I have a 1985 ford/coachman RV. The lighting inside the RV only works on household current or the generator, it doesn’t work off the battery only. Can

Blowing Breakers

Question: I have a 2012 Springdale Fifth Wheel. I blow the circuit breaker at the campsite connection a lot, at any given time – mainly when running

Breaker Trips Continuously

Question: My 30amp main breaker often trips with the air conditioner on low cool and no other power on. I do not run it on high cool to prevent constant

Camper Ceiling Leak

Question: I’m having a problem around my air conditioner – the ceiling is bubbling down. How can I repair that? Answer: We would start by finding

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Question: I have a 2008 Eagle camper by Jayco. The kitchen sink is clogged. I took off the P-trap and problem is not there. Need help. Answer:

Connecting Two Propane Tanks

Question:I have a 10 gallon propane tank bolted under the frame of my motorhome and it isn’t large enough for fulltime RVing. It would be a major undertaking

Diesel Engine Oil

Question: We found a motorhome we want to purchase soon, went and looked at it, and it looked fine. It is a diesel pusher and I asked the owner how

Dimming Lights

Question: We purchased this 1999 Class A Four Winds Hurricane RV used from a prior owner. It did not come with any manuals and we had some problems

Do RVs have Fuses

Question: Half of my fifth wheel camper electricity won’t work and the heat won’t come on. I am very, very new to campers, and know nothing. Answer:

Draining Fresh Water Tank

Question: I can’t find the water control panel on 2002 Coachmen Catalina 195 RK. I have read the owners manuals for Coachmen. They say to drain the

DVD with HDMI Output

Question: I just purchased a used 2000 Holiday Rambler. The external TV antenna is broken and I really do not mind that. We have older TV’s with all

Electric 50 to 30 AMP

Question: My RV has 50-Amp connections. Is there a way to hook up to use 30-Amp service? What do I need to do and will everything work properly?

Electric Power

Question: Can a 30-amp be converted to a 50-amp? Answer: We aren’t sure if you are asking about adapting a 50-amp power source to your 30-amp RV, or

Electric Steps

Question: Our electric steps will not remain in, while the RV is at storage. The battery disconnect is shut off and the step switch is shut off. When

RV Electrical Problems

Question: We too have battery issues. We are parked at a full hookup site. We purchased our 2004 Sprinter used. When we leave it plugged in to the

Electronics and Humidity

Question: We just purchased a new toy hauler RV and we are looking for tips. Is it alright to leave the vents (with covers) open overnight or for a few

Engine Compartment

Question: I have a 2011 Fleetwood Bounder Classic. How do you get in the engine compartment from inside the motor home? Answer: It depends on how your

Extended Warranty

Question: My husband and I are purchasing a new Thor Chateau Class C motorhome (model 28A). We are considering purchasing the extended warranty protection

Fiberglass Bulge – Bubble

Question: I have a 2008 Prowler trailer with a slight fiberglass bulge in the side. There doesn’t appear to be any water damage and it’s a local trailer

Floor Damage

Question: My floor in my camper is weak in some spots but there is no water damage. So what could be the problem? Answer: A likely cause is prior water

Flush Valve Stuck on Toilet

Question: My young grandson pushed on the pedal to flush the toilet, and now it will not stop running water. We have to turn off the pump – how can

Flushing Tanks

Question:: I have a 1995 Four Winds 5000 Class A gas 30 foot long motorhome. How do I flush the water supply? Answer: Here is a list of procedures

Fresh water hookup

Question: I am brand new to RVing. Is there any thing else you must do when hooking up to fresh water? I hooked up my water hose and it is still drawing

Fresh Water Pump Problem

Question: I hope I’m doing this right. I was UN-winterizing my 2006 Winnebago 31C Itasca Spirit. I filled the fresh water tank about 2/3 full. Open all

Fresh Water Tank Clog

Question: My 1983 Jayco motorhome fresh water tank refuses to let any water out. I have disconnected the outlet hose from the tank. I have also tried

Frozen RV Water Pipes

Yet another lesson learned as part of the RV lifestyle. For those who brave colder climates in the RV, take note. If you apply heat to thaw out frozen

Fuel Tank Problem

Question: I have 1985 classic motorhome with a 460 motor. My problem is there are 2 fuel tanks for gas. The rear tank works fine, but the front does

Grease Bearings

Question: I purchased a travel trailer late last summer. How often should I grease the bearings? I have gone less than a 1000 miles with the unit.

Heating a Stored RV

Question: Is it best to keep the interior of a stored RV warm (or cool) or allow it to cool and heat as ambient temperature changes? Answer: Our opinion

High Pitch Sound

Question: I have a small Quicksilver, new. When plugging in, a high pitch noise occurs at fuse box. Help…what is wrong? I have camped all week 4

Hooked Up 50 amp to 30 amp

Question: I bought my 5th wheel 2006 Cedar Creek from a dealer in Louisiana. For display they had it hooked up to 30=amp breaker with the plug adapter

Hot Water or Electric Floor Heat

Question: Which is best – Electric floor heat run by generator, or hot water floor heat by propane? Answer: Thanks for your question. We are not

Hot Water Tank

Question: On the hot water outlet there is a 1-way check valve. Can I do without this? Answer: We don’t think you should remove something that was

How to Operate TV

Question: How can i operate the TV in a Pace Arrow 31 1999 without running the generator? Using only battery power? Answer: We assume you are not hooked

RV Interior Lights Not Working

Question: I have a 1993 Flagstaff tent trailer and neither one of my interior lights work. The bulbs are good and an outdoor light is on. Answer:

RV Internet Connection

Question: We will be traveling soon for about a year. We would like to have internet for our computer – is there a supplier that would fix us up with

RV Inverter-Charger

Question: My Xantrex Freedom 458 modified sine wave inverter/charger has bit the dust. Should I replace it with a pure sine wave model? My wife is